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The Studio

The IndieGod-Studio was established in the 90s to realize demotapes of local indie-bands. Since then it slowly developed from an 8-track tapemachine to a 192-channel Madi-system with all the necessary and expensive outboard-stuff around it. Is this crucial for our projects? Certainly not, but it might help every now and then. Essential is our over 30 years experience in producing and realising independent record-projects, our ability to understand and support the vision of the artists with just the aim to produce the most sensational music possible.

DAW & Monitoring

We work mainly with Cubase, but are happy to handle Protools, Logic or Ableton-Sessions.

ADAM S3X are our main speakers complemented by some Avantone Mixcubes. Personal monitoring during recording using a Behringer Powerplay system with up to 16 individual channels (Yes, Behringer is often but not always crap 😉 )

Microphones & Outboard Gear

We have a vast range of microphones to cover all recording situations even the drumset with triple kick and 17 toms. For the gearslutz, we use mics from Neumann, Gefell, Peluso, Wunder Audio, Oktava and a bunch of cheap brands which still sound so good, that we could sell them to you as most expensive & super vintage (Certainly we would never do that 😉 ).

Choice of preamps depends on the recording task, but we end up most of the time using our lovely Neve Porticos. If they (happens rarely) do not hit the spot, we might switch to UA, Heritage Audio, Wunder Audio, the beasty Warm Audio ones or even the old Siemens V276.

All in all, we make sure that your performance will get into the digital world with all the vibes you put in and without any loss.

Synthesizers & Guitars

We love them both and have plenty ready for you!

On the holy search for the perfect sound, you are welcome to use guitars from our collection, which cover more or less all indie/rock/wave/pop genres => Gibson/Fender/Gretsch/MusicMan/etcetc Les Paul/SG/Strat/Tele/whatsoever you name it and even more important play them to get the right sound for your project..

Same with synths. We bought, serviced and collected synths during the last decades and can look on a nice collection of keyboards and soundmodules from the 80s until now. If you after this very special vintage-synth sound, it is a pleasure for us to find and provide it to your music.

Does all that technical stuff really matter?

Maybe yes, maybe a little, maybe not at all.

What definitely matters is our passion and determination to record and produce precious music with you. We would not work with you, without being confident to reach that aim.

What certainly matters is a surrounding, where artists will max their potential to get most out of a recording session. We will always do our best to create this atmosphere, which is far more important that the choice of preamp or microphone …