Long Time no hear….. but back with a new & exciting band and their first album:

Cemetery Sex Fairies

Let the „Fairies“ take your hand and dance with them through their songs about the never-ending daily madness of seduction, intoxication, addiction, love and sometimes bittersweet pain. Cemetery Sex Fairies are the musical union of a half-manic brain researcher with a glowing passion for russian synthesizers (Prof. Pan), a prog metal-adoring literary scholar (Tinka) plus a bloodthirsty thriller author (Belle). In contrary to the universe’s rule that these people should never ever function together, the band project of this uneven trio flourished because of their common dedication to dark wave as well as the music of the early 80ies. The quite remarkable result is now the debut album „The Liquid Source of Joy & Horror“, which will be published at „IndieGodRecords“ in May.


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